About PACE

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our programs

We assist the consumer with various programs. Some of these are:

  • After Care
    Anger Management
    Dental and Medical Healthcare Referrals
    Food Assistance
    Group Therapy
    HIV/AIDS Education
    Job Skills
    Out Patient Therapy Referrals
    Outside 12 Step Support (Alcoholic & Narcotic Anonymous)
    Parenting/Family Workshops
    Random Drug Screening
    Recovery Transition
    Relapse Prevention
    Rental Assistance
    Psychological Evaluations
    Spiritual Enlightenment
    Transportation Assistance
    Veteran Assistance In All Needed Categories

  • The consumers here at PACE are all different in many ways, and we strive to provide the assistance needed to aid in the Program of Recovery.

our staff

CEO and founder Paul Thompson is proud of the work done by the dedicated staff and volunteers to make PACE one of the top residential assistance programs in the country.


We will provide superior residences and professional services to individuals enduring the everyday challenges of homelessness and maintaining controls over abuse, while preparing these individuals to be mainstreamed into the workforce.