recovery experience

The following is a list of the supportive services provided by PACE Inc. as it enables you, the resident, to take advantage of a safe recovery environment and an effective program for your recovery. Services are provided without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sexual preference or national origin. Please check the line at the beginning of each description if you feel you have a primary need for that service.


Counseling is a major part of the program at PACE Inc. Our team of professional counselors provides for a number of identified areas that recovering individuals are assessed to need.

Substance Abuse Counseling

___ Counseling by certified substance use disorder and professional counselors.

Psychotherapeutic and Long – Term Counseling

___ Intensive therapy referrals arranged with a local professional counseling center that may require a minimal fee.

Employment Counseling

___ Community resources that assist in gainful employment

Financial Counseling

___ Referral resources that provides counseling in financial planning.

Life Skills Training

___ Relational Skills

___ Educational Opportunities

___ Direction in Life

___ Communication Skills


Drug screens are a random occurrence at PACE Inc. They are given randomly and you, the resident, will not know when they will be given. These screens are necessary for accountability to assure a therapeutic environment.


Another service of PACE, Inc. is a weekly community meeting held in each residence. All residents are required to attend. This allows a resident the opportunity to discuss relevant community issues. It is also a time of personal sharing and networking among the residents in the program. These are relationship building periods and an intricate part of the program.


When you enter into the program at PACE Inc. you will complete a Case Management Plan of Action form. This will outline an action plan that will specify goals you want to accomplish. Every three (3) months this plan will be reviewed by your Counselor and revisited for accountability and effective outcome evaluations. This will allow you to monitor your goals and objectives while in the program.


When you are ready to move out of the transitional residence, our team of Counselors will offer you referrals on possible living areas and recommendations for your move, provided you have completed your program. This is the purpose of the program: to help you transition out of the residence after completing the program, to help you understand sobriety, to help get you gainfully employed, to help you become more knowledgeable about your behaviors and addictions while exhibiting the stability necessary to take your place in mainstream society again. Our experience indicates that you may be ready to transition out of our program within eighteen months to two years.